Use future posts to schedule your posts in WordPress

WordPress has a very handy feature that is often overlooked allowing you to schedule your posts. With a couple of clicks, it allows you to have your post published automatically at a later date or time instead of publishing it immediately.

Why schedule posts in WordPress ?

There are many reasons why you would want schedule some posts instead of publishing them immediately, including consistency for your readers and SEO, emulating regularity even when you are not available to publish your content, or being able to have content published just in time to match a specific event.

One of the keys to building an audience for your blog is consistency. This is also a factor for SEO, which makes it two good reasons to care about it.

It doesn’t matter whether you publish one post per day, one every tuesday or one per month: your audience will get used to that rythm and will expect that you stick with it.

There are times however when it can be hard to respect this schedule. One day you get plenty of ideas and write three articles in a row, and the next week is so hectic you don’t get a chance to write a single word.

And when you go on a vacation for two weeks, you may not want to bring along your laptop and force yourself to stick to your usual schedule for once.

Or let’s say you want an post published just in time for a specific event, but you will be to busy or unavailable to hit the publish button when the time actually comes (Announcing black friday sales? Want to publish a Merry Christmas post on your blog while you are enjoying the holiday with your family?)

The solution to all of these is simple: schedule your posts in WordPress! Write your posts ahead of time when you have the time or when the inspiration strikes, and schedule them so they get published automatically at the right time!

How to schedule posts in WordPress?

Scheduling a post in WordPress is very simple and takes just a couple of clicks. The future is somewhat hidden however so it might not seem obvious at first.

Create your post as normal, but instead of hitting the “Publish” button when you are done, look at the option just above.

The last option says “Publish immediately” by default, with an “Edit” link. Click this link to reveal a date and time setting.

Here you can choose the date and time to publish this post. If you select and date and time in the future, the publish button will turn into a “Schedule” button.

Click it and you are done! Your post is saved as a scheduled future post, but is not visible for your visitors yet. It will be published automatically on the date and at the exact time you specified.

Example: Scheduling a Happy New Year post to be published at 0:00 on 1/1/2016
Example: Scheduling a Happy New Year post to be published at 0:00 on 1/1/2016

Put post scheduling to good use

Take advantage of this feature to prepare your posts ahead of time and keep publishing them with a consistent schedule and timing.

Some of loyal followers will expect a new post from you and be eager to read it at the time you usually post, so use post scheduling to maintain a consistent timing and give them satisfaction!

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