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Website Feedback & Suggestions

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    Website Feedback & Suggestions


    Hi there

    Have a look at my website – and tell me what you think.

    Any suggestions are welcome

    Thanks 😉


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    Hi Donovan,

    Just checked out your site. Your logo is awesome!
    Here is some things I noticed:

    – Your sliders are different sizes, so often when reading content it would move because of the sliders above. I can imagine people would find it quite annoying at times and lose interest. Try making all your sliders the same size 🙂

    – The cassette at the bottom which links to a mixtape is a nice touch, but the image looks a little out of place. I like the idea, but maybe a vector style cassette would fit the branding a bit more?

    – Personally I don’t like the grey on the drop down menus, but this is just a personal preference.

    – I think the buttons for the sliders and the headers in your side bar should be changed to the same green that you use through the site. I think it might help tie it all together a bit more 🙂

    – Your sidebar on the homepage is quite a bit longer than the content itself. Again, maybe just a personal preference, but I think it looks weird having all that white space just because of a sidebar. Maybe consider making a new sidebar purely for the homepage and then shorten that one up a bit, and then as people explore the site they will see all the other widgets you are using too!

    I hope some of this helps in some way and comes across as constructive! Good luck with everything and hope it goes well 🙂

    Best regards,

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    The site on a cpu browser it’s awesome. The logo rules. However on iPhone it’s a completely different site. There’s no logo and the menus are blue. On the cpu your menus are the branded green, but iphone they’re generic blue. Just a heads-up.

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    This is a beautiful, modern but timeless website. I love it.

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    Happy with my help?
    Buy me a beer!

    Just a quick note to clarify what is with this blue-different-looking mobile theme: this is the JetPack’s mobile theme which completely override BoldR on mobile.

    If you have not intentionally activated it, you can disable it from JetPack > Mobile Theme.

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    Thanks for all the great feedback guys! Really appreciate it. I have removed the Jetpack Mobile Theme so no more blue menus 🙂 Also still working on a few of your suggestions Stuart. Thanks again for the feedback guys

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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