Urgent – Cannot crop and set new header images

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Urgent – Cannot crop and set new header images

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    Urgent – Cannot crop and set new header images



    I have a rather urgent problem with the most recent version of wordpress(4.8) and the Blackoot Pro 1.2.1 theme.

    I tried to change the site header image in the customizer. Once I’ve selected the picture and continue with “Select and Crop” I am forwarded to a screen where I am supposed to crop the image in order to finally select it as the new header image.

    Unfortunately I am not able to press or select anything. The only thing showing up on that window is my new header image greyed out and the button “Crop” in the lower right corner.

    If I click on that button, an error pops up and tells me that there is a problem with cropping this picture.

    How do I fix this?
    Is there another way to set a new header image?

    Wordpress 4.8
    Blackoot 1.2.1
    Enhanced Media Library PRO 2.4.5 (could this be the cause?)

    Thank you in advance!

    I was abled to set a new header image when I switched the theme to Blackoot Lite.
    Once I’ve set a new header image in backoot lite a new button appeared when I was directed to the “cropping window”. Now there was a 2nd button called “Skip cropping” (rough translation from my german version of wordpress) which I chose.

    Once I did that, I could switch the theme back to Blackoot Pro and select the newly created header image with reduced width, that Blackoot Lite theme generated when I skipped cropping.

    Even though I am safe for now, the issue still remains unsolved. Can’t crop any header images that I select to set in the blackoot Pro theme.

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    • This topic was modified 6 months ago by  Lorenz.
    Reply to: Urgent – Cannot crop and set new header images

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    Glad you could find a workaround already by temporarily switching to another theme!

    Now I am not sure why this happened on your site, I just tried to reproduce your steps with both Blackoot pro and lite and both gave me the same result with no problem.

    What is odd is that both versions of the theme support the header image feature in the exact same way using the same code, so there is no apparent reason why it would work properly with one and not with the other.
    Also since you could successfully crop your image after switching, the issue does not seem to come from the image itself.

    I would go with the usual suspects to try and troubleshoot the issue:
    – What if you disable ALL plugins? (if it works with plugin disabled then try to re-enable them one by one to find which one was interfering)
    – What if you try with another browser, or clear the cache in your current browser?(http://www.refreshyourcache.com/en/home/ if you are not sure how to clear your cache)
    – To fix a potentially broken/corrupt file, you can also try to re-install the theme: temporarily switch to another theme, delete blackoot pro from your site and then download a fresh copy from your account and re-install it.
    – You can also re-install WordPress Core files, this is even easier: from Dashboard > updates, click “re-install now”.

    I hope some of these can help, since this is a quite odd and annoying issue. Please let me know if you are still stuck and I’ll try my best to assist in further troubleshooting.

    Reply to: Urgent – Cannot crop and set new header images


    Hello iceable,

    thanks for your fast reply. Firts of all: you made a great and easy to use theme, I really like it!

    Also thanks a lot for your hints and the offered help, although I will not have time to check today. Propably tomorrow or the day after.
    But I will keep you posted as soon as I get to it.

    Have a nice day!

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