[UPDATE] Chooko Pro 1.4 is More Responsive + supports WooCommerce + More

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[UPDATE] Chooko Pro 1.4 is More Responsive + supports WooCommerce + More

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    [UPDATE] Chooko Pro 1.4 is More Responsive + supports WooCommerce + More

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    Version 1.4 is now available for Chooko Pro!

    This new version is available to download in your customer area.

    What’s new ?

    New responsive grid: Chooko Pro now adapts “fluidly” and perfectly to any screen size.

    WooCommerce support: Chooko Pro is now 100% compatible with WooCommerce!

    New update system: This is the last version you will need to download from your customer area and manually install.
    All future updates will be pushed directly in your admin dashboard as long as you enter your license information in Theme Options > License. You will find your license key in your customer area

    + many bugfixes, enhancements and features additions. See the full update log below:

    Update Log:

    View full changelog

    Update FAQ (for Chooko Pro 1.3 users)

    Where do I get Chooko Pro 1.4 ?

    Every Chooko Pro customers can download the latest version from their customer area.

    The previous versions are not available to download anymore to avoid confusion. Should you need one of them for any reason, please feel free to ask and it will be sent to you directly.

    How to update to 1.4 ?


    If anything goes wrong, you will be thankful that you did.

    To use Chooko Pro 1.4, download, install and activate on your site just like a brand new theme.

    This new version behaves like a new standalone theme, meaning that it will not actually update (and overwrite) the previous version currently installed on your site.
    So in case you have made some critical changes to the previous version of the theme, and/or if the update seems to break anything on your site, you will be able to switch back to the previous version with just one click.

    It is thus highly recommended that you do not make any change to theme files in version 1.4 and later as future updates will overwrite them and any changes will be lost.
    If you need to make advanced changes, please consider creating a child theme.

    All your settings in Theme Options (especially Custom CSS) will be automatically saved and transferred.

    You might need to check your menu locations and widgets, which should take just a minute.

    If your widgets got kicked out from your sidebars, their setting are not lost!
    WP may have just moved them into the “Inactive Widgets” section, so you can just drag-n-drop them back where they belong.
    To find the inactive widgets, scroll down to the bottom of the Appearance > Widgets page.

    After you activate version 1.4, if everything is fine you can get rid of the clutter in Appearance > Themes by deleting the previous version(s).

    I’m happy with my site right now, do I absolutely have to update ?

    It is recommended that you consider updating, but you don’t *absolutely* have to.
    The previous versions are still compatible and work with WordPress 4.3.

    If you are happy with your site right now and/or if you have made some important changes to the theme files and don’t want to spend some time on this, you don’t have to update.

    Why did I not get an update notice in my dashboard ?

    An update notice should have poped in your admin dashboard. However the built-in update checker only checks for new updates once every 12 hours (just like WordPress Core updates) to avoid unnecessary server load.

    Why not providing updates directly from my WP dashboard, like these themes from the WPorg repository ?

    There were several reasons to distribute “manual” updates this way until now.

    But things are changing and this is the last update you need to download and install manually. The next updates will be pushed directly in your dashboard using WordPress built-in update routines like themes and plugins from WPorg, which will also allow us to release smaller and more frequent updates.

    To make sure only customers are granted access to updates, you will need to enter your personal license key in Theme Options > License Settings be be able to receive future updates.
    You will find your license key in your customer area.

    The downside is that each automatic update pushed directly to your dashboard this way overwrites the previous version; so you’d better make sure to backup your site on a regular basis and especially before updating (this also applies to WordPress itself and any other themes and plugins by the way) in case things go wrong.

    This also means that any change made to the theme starting with 1.4 will be lost during future updates with no switching back, it is thus recommended that you not only keep backups, but also that you do not make any change to the theme files. If you do need to customize some files, consider using a child theme instead of modifying the theme directly.

    I have decided not to update for now, how do I get rid of the update notice in my admin area ?

    In Chooko Pro 1.3:

    Go to Appearance > Editor and edit functions.php.
    Scroll to the bottom and add this just before the last ?> tag:

    remove_action('admin_notices', 'icefit_admin_notices');

    This will disable the update notice so it won’t be displayed anymore.

    I am using this theme to build a site for a client. Can I disable the update system so they won’t see the notice and call me at the minute an update is out or risk breaking their site ?

    In Chooko Pro 1.3:

    Add this at the end of functions.php:

    remove_action('admin_notices', 'icefit_admin_notices');
    remove_action('admin_init', 'icefit_check_for_update');

    In Chooko Pro 1.4:

    Add this at the end of functions.php:

    remove_action('after_setup_theme', 'icefit_updater_init');

    This will completely disable the update system; stopping update checks and update notices and also and remove the notice that asks to enter your license key.

    I think I have found a bug in the new version

    Every effort is made to refine and test themes and updates before they are released, but some things just happen to go wrong!
    Please open a new thread to report the issue in Chooko Pro Bug Reports so it can be patched in the next update, and chances are that you will get an instant fix directly from support.

    I have another question.

    Please open a new thread in the appropriate support section of the Chooko Pro forums.

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