[UPDATE] Chooko Pro 1.1.0 is out!

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[UPDATE] Chooko Pro 1.1.0 is out!

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    [UPDATE] Chooko Pro 1.1.0 is out!

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    Announcement: Chooko Pro has just been updated to version 1.1.0 !
    This new version is available to download in your customer area.

    What’s new ?

    Overall code review, fixes and enhancements + features additions and lots of new settings options. This update also includes a huge set of optimizations to reduce server load and improve page speed.

    By the way, you will get even better results by enabling gzip compression on your site if you haven’t done already, check out this quick tutorial: Speed up your WordPress site with gzip compression

    Update Log:

    Date: 2013-11-07
    Version: 1.1.0
    Basename: chooko-pro.1.1.0
    * UPDATED: Flexslider from 1.8 to 2.2
    * UPDATED: .POT file for gettext translation
    * ENHANCED: Overall fixes, code enhancements and PHP optimizations (reduced server load and improved page-speed)
    * ENHANCED: hookable wp_title for best compatibility with SEO plugins
    * ENHANCED: Merged and compressed CSS files into /css/chooko.min.css (Uncompressed chooko.dev.css version available for developpers in /css/)
    * ENHANCED: Merged and compressed all JS files into /js/chooko.min.js (Uncompressed chooko.dev.js version available for developpers in /js/)
    * ENHANCED: Dynamic CSS and JS now injected inline (no longer reloading WP core for greatly improved page-speed)
    * ENHANCED: Theme option processing on the front-end: reduced queries and server load
    * ENHANCED: Consolidated groups of icons into sprites and optimized all images
    * ENHANCED: Webfonts loading now supports SSL (https)
    * ENHANCED: Support for multi language websites using qTranslate (free plugin)
    * ENHANCED: Full translation support via gettext (.po/.mo files), including for the backend (especially the Theme Options page)
    * ENHANCED: Gallery display in responsive mode
    * ENHANCED: Flushing permalink structure on activation
    * ENHANCED: Partners/Clients and Social Media Widget: links now open in a new tab or window (target="_blank")
    * ENHANCED: Blogposts and Portfolio shortcode: option to limit number of posts
    * ENHANCED: Support for columns in tabs, content-slider, toggles and accordions
    * ENHANCED: More flexible implementation of carousels, fixing occasional issues and allowing auto slide
    * ENHANCED: Content slider now based on caroufredsel
    * ENHANCED: Empty search result page is more explicit
    * FIXED: Show title on/off switch on portfolio page
    * FIXED: 404.php: wp_list_cats() is deprecated. Now using wp_list_categories() instead.
    * FIXED: Images in theme options reverting back to default when removed
    * FIXED: Occasional permalink issue redirecting post links to homepage
    * FIXED: Archive page template (Yearly, Monthly and Daily archives)
    * FIXED: Sub footer display in mobile view
    * FIXED: Support for maps inside columns
    * FIXED: Hardcoded lat/lng values in Google Maps shortcode when used with GPS coordinates
    * FIXED: Partners shortcode and widget now pull all selected entries
    * FIXED: Tabs compatibility with any title (special chars, accented chars, non-latin, duplicates etc.) + display glitch
    * REMOVED: Unused function icefit_short_excerpt()
    * ADDED: A whole set of new setting options
    * ADDED: Update check and notice in the dashboard for the next updates
    * ADDED: Admin notice when no primary menu is set
    * ADDED: Import/Export all theme options to another site
    * ADDED: Option Index to quickly locate all available settings
    * ADDED: New 404 page template
    * ADDED: 404 custom redirect option
    * ADDED: Child theme support
    * ADDED: Fixed (sticky) Header or Navbar options
    * ADDED: Option to disable the page title for the blog index page
    * ADDED: Custom Header code (to be added before  )
    * ADDED: Footer widgets option: 3 or 4 columns
    * ADDED: Ability to set a different widgetized footer (or to disable it) on each individual page
    * ADDED: Portfolio page: Option to display page content above or below portfolio grid
    * ADDED: Single portfolio entries options: sidebar, show/hide meta and related projects, customize slug
    * ADDED: Support for featured image in pages
    * ADDED: Icefit Improved Excerpt: Option to set which tags to preserve
    * ADDED: Icefit Improved Excerpt: Check whether the required php extension is enabled (shows a warning in theme options otherwise)
    * ADDED: Option to set excerpt length
    * ADDED: Option to show/hide the comment counter on index pages and single posts
    * ADDED: Option to activate the slider in single posts
    * ADDED: Option to hide featured image in single posts
    * ADDED: Body content font and font size options
    * ADDED: Option to disable responsive mode
    * ADDED: New option for menu layout: Menu left + social icons
    * ADDED: Option to hide slider arrows

    Tested with WordPress 3.7.1 (latest version at the time of release).

    Update FAQ

    Where do I get Chooko Pro 1.1.0 ?

    Every customer who have bought Chooko Pro can download the latest version from their customer area.
    To avoid any confusion for new customers, the previous versions are not available to download anymore. Should you need one of them for any reason, please feel free to ask and it will be sent to you directly.

    How to update to 1.1.0 ?

    This new version behaves like a new standalone theme, meaning that it will not actually update (and overwrite) the previous version currently installed on your site.

    After download, simply install and activate it on your website just like a brand new theme.
    Note that all your settings in Theme Options (especially Custom CSS) will be automatically saved and transferred, so you should not need to do anything more than just installing and activating the new version.
    Though it doesn’t hurt backing up your site just like before any update – just in case.

    The convenience of this updating method is that, in case you have made some critical changes to the theme, and/or if the update seems to break anything on your site, you will be able to switch back to the previous version with one click.

    Depending on WordPress’ good will, you might need to check your menu locations and widgets, which should take just a minute.
    If your widgets got kicked out of your sidebars, don’t panic, their settings are not lost! WP has just moved them into the “Inactive Widgets” box at the bottom-left, so just scroll down to find them and you can just drag-n-drop them back where they belong.

    Why not providing updates directly from my WP dashboard, like themes from the WPorg repository ?

    This is a deliberate choice, mainly based on two reasons:
    – The first one is explained just above, in case anything goes wrong, you can quickly and easily switch back to the previous version – which is not this easy with automatic updates.
    – The second is that this method ensures that the updated version is available exclusively to our valued customers, as it can only be downloaded from your member area on iceablethemes.com. Piracy may not kill major studios, but it does hurt small businesses.

    Why did I not get an update notice in my dashboard ?

    The previous version of Chooko Pro did not include an update checker; but this new version does! So this is the last time an update goes out silently. From now on, when a new update is released, you will get a notification right in your admin dashboard!

    I’m happy with my site right now, do I absolutely have to update ?

    Although it is recommended that you consider updating to take advantage of the new features and enhancements, no, you don’t have to.
    There is no critical compatibility or security patches in this update, and the previous version (1.0) is still compatible with the current latest WP version (3.7.1)
    So if you are happy with your site right now, or if you have made some important changes to the theme files, you don’t *have to* update now.

    I think I have found a bug in the new version

    Although every effort is made to refine and test themes before they are released, some things just happen to go wrong!
    Please open a new thread to report the issue in the appropriate section so it can be patched in the next update, and chances are that you will get an instant fix directly from support.

    A suggestion made on these forums does not seem to have been implemented in this update…

    All suggestions are taken into consideration, and everything that was a bug/glitch or a feature with important demand have been implemented. Some suggestions may not have been included yet, they have not necessarily been dismissed but simply postponed to a future update.

    I still have another question.

    If your question is directly related to this update, please feel free to ask below.
    For any other question, please help keep this forum tidy by creating your own thread in the appropriate section.

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