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    Twitter cards

    Maxim Torbotchkine

    Hi, was just wondering if there is something in this theme that prevents me from posting Twitter posts with big twitter cards? I installed twitter cards plugins, even added code into robots.txt but every time I try to share a post it just shows a greyed out portion instead of image. Am I missing something? do I have to do something different with this theme?

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    There isn’t any specific feature in this theme that should affect your ability to post twitter cards (although an unexpected glitch or conflict is always possible).
    It could also be something going wrong with other parts of your configuration or a plugin conflict or even an issue in your browser.

    I can try to help you troubleshoot this if you give me more info, such as which plugin you are using and what code you added. Also if you could point to a post or page on your site where you have this issue (greyed out portion instead of the expected twitter card) I can have a look and better see exactly what happens.

    Otherwise, here a a few first steps to better pinpoint the issue:
    – Try to temporarily switch to another theme to rule out a potential theme issue (if it works as expected with another theme please let me know so I can look for the culprit and fix it directly in the theme).
    – Temporarily disable ALL other plugins from your site to rule out a possible plugin conflict. If you are trying several twitter cards plugins, make sure only one of them is active at a time since they are more likely to be conflicting between them.
    – If at all possible, also check your site from another browser and/or computer to make sure the issue is on your site and not in your browser.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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