Split: Short Description

Split: Short Description

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    Split: Short Description



    I am having a similar issue here…

    At my webpage (www.moxtell.dk) I wondered why I could not get any excerpts at the frontpage to show up, if I had a picture at the top of my post with text beneath it. I did get excerpts if I did write the excerpt manually, but then the “Read more…” buttons dissapered.

    As you can see the first post do have both button and excerpt – this is because there is no text underneath the picture in the post.

    The post from 5th sept. 2013 has no excerpt. If I write it in manually it will show up like the post from 4th september – but then there is no Read-more-button…the post from 4th september has manually inserted excerpt..

    I have tried adding the code you mentioned above to my functions.php with no luck? Am I doing something wrong?

    Thx for a very nice theme!


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    [thread split from a reply to another thread: http://www.iceablethemes.com/forums/topic/short-description/ ]

    @moxtell: This doesn’t sound right indeed. I’ve just tested myself to add a picture with caption at the top of a post, and the excerpt (forged from the content after the picture) is still showing – (but it includes the image’s caption since this is the first textual content!)

    – Did you make sure to select “Default Excerpt” from Theme Options > Blog Settings ?
    (Note that the code I gave in the other thread only adds the read more button when this option is selected and when a manual excerpt have been set)

    – Do you have any plugin that could interfere with the excerpt functions ? If so, then try to disable it to see if it make a difference.

    I’ve split this post into a new topic to avoid mixing up conversations in case one or the other (or both) goes on 🙂

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    Hi again

    Thank you so much. I had not selected the “Default excerpts” but the “Icefit Improved Excerpt”. After selecting the Default it works nice. thx. I am also using this code in my functions.php:

    if ( $icefit_options[‘blog_index_content’] == “Default Excerpt” ) add_filter(‘get_the_excerpt’,’manual_excerpt_more_link’, 99);
    function manual_excerpt_more_link($excerpt) {
    global $post;
    if ( has_excerpt(get_the_ID()) )
    $excerpt .= apply_filters(‘excerpt_more’, ‘ ‘ . ‘[…]’);
    return $excerpt;

    This code is necessary to get the default excerpts to show up right when manually writing the excerpts in every post 😉 Thx and have a nice weekend!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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