short code in excerpt not showing up

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short code in excerpt not showing up

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    short code in excerpt not showing up

    Maxim Torbotchkine

    Hi there, I had to enable the excerpt option on the site and now my social likes buttons do not show up. I figured out how to show embedded youtube vide and podcasts by adding “<iframe>” tags so they dont get stripped in the theme options but I can not figure out the social likes buttons. I checked with the plugin creators and the only thing that works after playing with the settings is to enable shortcode so I can display the likes buttons anywhere I want.
    When I place the shortcode for social likes anywhere in text, it only shows up when i open the full post. So it doesn’t show up in excerpt, no matter if I place it before the excerpt, after, in the middle of it. I know the plugin works because it would show the buttons when I use the shortcode but just not in the excerpt.
    Is there a fix for this?, I even tried adding the shortcode to the excluded tags like I did with iframe but that didn’t work.
    Help pelase

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    This sounds like there might be something wrong either with this plugin, or maybe another one that conflicts.

    Default excerpts in Wordress do strip shortcodes but the “Icefit improved excerpts” do not (I assume you are using this option since your excerpts are correctly preserving the iframe tags), so shortcodes *should* work in excerpts with this setting.

    I would first try to temporarily disable any other plugin currently active on your site to rule out a potential conflict.

    Otherwise please let me know what is the plugin you are using and I’ll give it a try on a test site to see if I can figure out how to make this work. I will try but cannot guarantee a solution since this involves a third party plugin.

    If all else fails, the last option would be to try and find another plugin that is able to automatically add buttons above or below excerpts – I’m pretty sure most social buttons plugins are – without the need to use shortcodes in excerpts and fiddle with excerpts settings.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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