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Recent Posts showing spurious posts

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    Recent Posts showing spurious posts



    I added the ‘Recent Posts’ widget, but now it’s showing some posts that I don’t think we created (I can’t find them in our posts list anyway….). The date of the posts appears to suggest that they were created at the same time that I updated the theme last friday (7th).

    The posts are named:

    • 3108
    • 3107

    Strangely, these only appear on the static front page we have. If you click through to a blog page, it shows the most recent posts correctly, without these three extra ones….

    Any ideas how to resolve?


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    Reply to: Recent Posts showing spurious posts

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    Hi, I tried to check on your site but it seems you already removed this widget.

    A couple of ideas to help troubleshoot:
    – Can you click these seemingly weird named links? Hopefully clicking them will lead you to the corresponding posts and may help understand what happens.
    – Are they still there if you log out?
    – What if you try to temporarily disable all plugins? (a plugin going wrong could cause some data from the database to appear in the list of post, even though these are not posts).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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