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Please Read: Support Forums Guidelines
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    The Pro Support Forums are meant to provide our Pro customers with extensive help and support.

    Free (lite) themes users are welcome to use the Free Support community section, and may receive direct help from developers on a limited basis for some issues. If you wish to receive pro and extensive support directly from the developers, please consider becoming a Pro customer.

    Before submitting a new thread and ask for support, please consider the following:

    • Search the forum for your question/issue, maybe it has already been answered.
    • Make sure everything on your website is up to date – WordPress itself and any plugin you may be using – by going to your dashboard > Updates. (For additional safety, don’t forget to backup your website, files and database before upgrading)
    • Try deactivating some plugins, especially those that you have recently added. Many issues are caused by plugins that don’t always behave well together.
    • Make sure this is the right place for your question. If your question/issue is not directly related to a theme from Iceable Themes, maybe the WordPress forums or the creator of the plugin could be a better option ?

    If this didn’t solve your problem, this forum is where you will find some help.

    Please submit your own new thread (and, if applicable, separate topics for separate issues), and explain your issue with as much details as you can. The more details you give, the faster it will be likely for us to troubleshoot the issue and help you. Below is a example of information you should provide to ease the support process:

    • Details of the issue: (What is wrong ? What changes have you recently made, or did you add a new plugin before the problem occurred ?)
    • Your website URL: (in many cases being able to see your site live greatly helps the support process)
    • Theme and version:
    • WordPress Version:
    • Plugin currently activated:
    • Host or server info:
    • (If useful) Screenshots:

    We will aim at getting bak to you within 2 business days. Please note that support could be a bit slower during week ends and holidays. Though, if you do not get an answer after 2 or 3 business days, please bump your thread by replying directly to it – this will bump your topic to the top of the list and bring it to our attention.

    For some issues, we may need to access your WordPress admin panel to better troubleshoot the problem. In such cases please DO NOT post sensitive information directly on a new thread or in a publicly visible reply, for obvious security reason.

    This forum has an option to set a reply to “private”; using this feature will make the reply only visible to yourself and forum admins, so you can use it to safely communicate any login/password needed to help you directly on your site.

    You can start a new thread and immediately post a private reply to it to provide additional private information – especially a link to your site if you don’t want it to be displayed publicly.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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