Pipedrive E-Mail API

Pipedrive E-Mail API

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    Pipedrive E-Mail API


    Hi guys,

    I am using pipedrive http://www.pipedrive.com for Leadmanagement and to manage my sales process.
    Pipedrive comes with a neat feature which is, you are able to send JSON Objects to pipedrive via E-Mail to create Objects (Deals, Persons, Organizations).

    I tried to do this by using contact form 7 instead of the built in contact forms in BoldR, but even that cf7 claims to send plain text emails, it doesn’t (it always adds “<br />”Tags and you cannot get rid of them).

    So I though I might post this question here. Maybe it could be worth while thinking about adding a feature like this. Or maybe there is a way to create plaintext E-Mails containing JSON Objects already that I simply haven’t found yet. Son any help and advice appreciated.



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    Hi Stefan,

    Well this looks like a very specific need you have here. For any advanced usage I would anyway recommend using a third party plugin like CF7 since it is obviously more advanced than the theme’s simple built-in contact form.

    Did you try to ask CF7 author about this already? If I understand correctly, we got “almost there” with CF7 and getting rid of this br tag that is added for some reason to the “plain text” email would solve your issue.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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