Nav Menu Mobile title

Nav Menu Mobile title

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    Nav Menu Mobile title


    Hi, really searched google and could not find a thing on this –

    I changed my menu to Navigation Menu to allow adding Categories to the Menu instead of Pages. Now on the webpage the navmenu looks as expected listing Category items from left to right. On the iOS mobile device the webpage displays a dropdown menu instead. Which is fine too. But the title of the dropdown menu says “Menu”, I would like to translate that bit and cannot find how. So its not the actual links in the dropdown that are the problem but the title that appears inside the dropdown when page first loads and no action is taken. I would have assumed the Menu Name would be used as the title but that is not the case.

    + Thanks so much for the excellent theme!

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    Indeed the mobile dropdown just says “Menu”, and is not connected with the menu title. You can change it with a very quick change in a theme file however:

    (Please backup your site before you make any change, especially change that involve editing files!)
    Go to Appearance > Editor and edit functions.php and use CTRL+F to find this line:

    $menu_list .= '<option value="">Menu</option>';

    This is the title of the dropdown mobile menu, you can change it to whatever you prefer, like so for example:

    $menu_list .= '<option value="">Navigation</option>';

    $menu_list .= '<option value="">Categories</option>';

    … or anything else that suits your own menu!

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    Thanks a mill mates !

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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