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Multi Division Company Website

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    Multi Division Company Website


    I have a multisite install with a few network-wide plugins. The main company acts as an umbrella for the three divisions. All are different sub-sites with services, photos/portfolio, but only the main site posts news.

    On the services page of the JPR Roofing and Flooring division I have used toggles to keep the page tidy initially, but allow all the services to display at once. There’s no requirement to have an open all on the toggle. I’ve used a toggle because the various services do not have enough information to warrant a page.

    One interesting thing I have used is linking to the individual toggleable services from the slides. In order to link to the auto-expanded service on the services page, I installed the URL Params plugin by Jeremy B. Shapiro .

    I use the following piece of JavaScript at the bottom of the page contents. It extracts the service number from the URL and opens the corresponding toggle number. If there’s no service parameter in the URL it doesn’t open any:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    		if ([urlparam param='service' default=0 /] > 0){
    			$(".toggles .toggle:nth-of-type([urlparam param='service' default='0'/]) p.trigger").trigger("click");

    I also use galleries inside the toggles and discovered a bug which the theme maker fixed in only a couple of hours!

    Feedback welcome.

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    Being the author of the theme I cannot judge too much, but these look great! I really like how you have created similar-looking – yet distinguished with colors – visual identities for each division 🙂

    Just a quick tech question out of curiosity: did you make a different WP install on each subdomain or are you using the multisite feature of WordPress (formerly WPMU) ?

    And by the way the piece of js you used to open the toggles on page loads it quite clever 😉
    You could even have used only javascript to get the URL parameter instead of relying on a plugin, but actually the code looks neater this way!

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    Thanks for the feedback, and thanks for such timely, helpful support when I needed it. I can see why you push the support aspect of your themes; it really makes a difference to have a good support ecosystem in place, with forums where theme users can help each other out and receive prompt, useful help from the theme author.

    I used the multisite feature for WP, configured to use subdomains. I read various articles about why for most circumstances multisite is not the way to go, but I think in my case it’s a good fit as I’m not sure how I would have gone about making each division’s theme completely unique without multisite.

    I have used the URL parameters plugin previously and thought it would work in this case, so I never gave any consideration to doing it using JS. I suppose the KISS methodology worked here 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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