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It should be simple

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    It should be simple


    all I really need to do is what is going on in the right sidebar on this site – an image that is clickable, a image with text that is clickable, and text that is clickable. Also, the ability to tighten the vertical space in the right side bar –

    Why is this so hard? so many widgets? Is there an intuitive way to do this? Arg

    Also, I am trying to move the client over to WP – I am using old entries (not pots) on the web site – Left content

    when that content is re – created – it uses current dates – can content be back-dated?

    I thought all this would be easy…

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    Note: these questions are unrelated to the theme used and relate to WordPress itself, thus the answers apply to any WordPress site, no matter what theme is used.

    Well easy it is, once you know how to do it!

    Backdating articles couldn’t be more straight-forward: look for the “publish” box on the top right of the post editor.
    If you have just created this post, will will see “publish: immediately”. If you are editing an already published post, you will see the date it was created.
    In both cases, click “edit” next to this and you can change the date to anything.

    For the sidebar, widgets give a lot of possibilities and flexibility with useful dynamic contents. However, if you just need something simple like text images and links, what you want to use is the “text widget”: more than just text, it actually allows for raw HTML.
    If you are not comfortable with typing raw HTML, you can use the following trick: create a temporary post (don’t publish it) and create your content using the “visual” editor, you can even use the “preview” function to see how it looks. Once you are done, switch to “text” editor instead and copy the whole code, then paste it into a text widget in your sidebar.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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