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Interface Errors/Typos

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    Interface Errors/Typos



    I noticed a few errors in the Theme Options interface:

    Any time an option to upload an image is provided, but if there is no image currently defined, the interface displays a broken image icon below the “Upload Image” button (Firefox 41.0.1) which looks ugly. If the image URL field is empty, maybe display “No current image” or similar instead?

    Top Bar – Right Side Content: Text says “If ‘Two sections’ is selected, this will be the left content.” If this is true, then where does the “Main (or Left Side) Content” display in a two section setup?

    Slider Settings – Auto animate slideshow: “Set to false…” Available options aren’t “true” or “false”. Should be “Set to No…” for less technically-minded users who may not understand that “false” is the programmer’s equivalent to “no”.

    Blog Settings: “Excerpt Lenght” instead of “Length”. Also, “Set how many words an excerpt must contains” instead of “contain”.

    Sidebars – Additional Sidebars: “You will then find them in Appearence > Widgets” instead of “Appearance”.

    Footer Settings – Additional Footer Widget groups: same typo on “Appearance” as above.

    Footer Settings – Sub Footer right content: same typo on “Appearance” as above.

    Options Index: same typo on “Excerpt Lenght” as above.

    It’s a great theme so I hope these notes help!

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    Well, I have to admit I am not looking at it carefully every day, and no one reported these errors before so they remained unnoticed.

    Image upload: this behavior seem vary with different browsers (no broken image icon in Chrome), so I’ll have a closer look at this. Replacing the empty image field with a “no image” text label sounds like the best solution.

    Top bar – right side: this misleading description text is an exact copy of the former “left side” description and it shouldn’t be there at all!

    The rest are shameful typos that demonstrate the importance of proofreading 🙂

    Thank you very much, this does help a lot and will be fixed in the next update!

    EDIT: all of the errors and typos mentionned above were fixed in Blackoot Pro 1.1.3.

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    You’re welcome!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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