I want to remove "Uncategorised" in Google

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I want to remove "Uncategorised" in Google
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    I want to remove an entry named “Uncategorised” (“Sin Categoría” in spanish) in Google. Do you know how?

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    (Quick background note: google should not pick up and rank this page if it is empty (that is, if you never published a post in this category). This page was picked up by Google because at some point in the past you probably had some posts that were in this category; so this page had content and every one of these posts had a category link pointing back to this page.)

    Now that Google picked this page things get tricky because even though this page is now empty and useless; Google is not inclined to “forget” what it picked up earlier.

    There might several solutions and I am no SEO expert to pretend mine is the best, but here’s what I would do:
    A “clean” way in my opinion to get this page out of Google is to simply 301 redirect (301 is the code for “moved permanently) this page so the next time Google will try to visit it, it will understand that this link is no longer in use. You can redirect it to any other page, but your homepage sounds like a good idea.

    To do this you could edit your .htaccess, but to keep things simple I suggest you use this simple free plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-301-redirects/

    Use this plugin to redirect this URL: http://www.galaadlopez.com/sin-categoria/ to http://www.galaadlopez.com/ and it should do the trick.
    Once it is setup, try to access http://www.galaadlopez.com/sin-categoria/ and you should be sent back to your homepage.

    Now of course Google will not update instantly; it might take several days until google notices the change and updates, but this will work eventually!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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