Features – alphabetised?

Features – alphabetised?

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    Features – alphabetised?


    Hi! Blackoot Pro is truly the bee’s knees.
    For my site, at least.

    One thing I’d love added is an easier way to rearrange “features”. At the mo they order by date posted, it would be nice to have a few one-click options as to how we’d like the features displayed… in my case I’d like ’em alphabetised. Changing the dates on them all is a slow way to do the job.

    Another option that would be good to have is to let the visitor choose how the blog list is displayed… I find when visiting a blog if I want to quickly search back thru old posts that a small grid view is quicker to peruse. However, as a default “ICEFIT improved excerpt” with (say) 300×600 thumbs is much nicer to look at.
    It’d be nice to give the reader the option though…

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    Hi, and thanks for the kind words, I’m glad you like this theme 🙂

    Indeed you can re-organize “features” by changing their post date/time. This can be rather quick using the “quick edit” function from the “all features” page (instead of accessing the edit screen for each one of them).
    Though I’ll admit it remains a bit tedious if you have a lot of them.

    If you are not afraid of diving into a bit of code, you could also duplicate /functions/icefit-features.php into a child theme and change the $args for the queries in this file to define how items should be ordered.

    I’ll consider adding it as an option for the shortcode and widget though.

    I’ll look into the idea of offering visitors a choice of layouts for older posts, but this sounds more like a plugin’s job.
    However I guess another possibility would be to have, for example, a template for the main blog (large thumbnails and excerpts) page, and a different template for archives and search pages (like a small grid view).

    You could customize these templates with custom code in a child theme too; but I’ll look into the possibility of making it a built-in option.

    Thanks for the feedback and suggestions!

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    Thanks! You’re brilliant.
    In truth I hadn’t thought of the quick edit…
    Thanks for that!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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