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color change

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    color change


    Hi, very good theme, I searched exaktly this one, but now I’ve got three questions. I can’t find a CSS in the Word Presss Editor, so I don’t know how to change:

    1.) underline color in main menu to red (under “INFO, NEWS, TRAINING, …)

    2.) change text color in main description after clicking it in the main menu to red (means also NEWS, INFO, TRAINING, … in the header after clicking it in the menu)

    3.) describtion in the sidebar changing to red (TRAININGSZEITEN, TRAININGSORT, AKTUELL)

    Would be nice to get help from you, thank you very much.

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    You don’t want to edit CSS from the theme directly, because your changes would be overwritten by every update. However you can add your own custom css to override the default.

    With the Lite version, you can add your own CSS in Appearance > Customizer > Additional CSS.

    If you would rather edit a CSS file (so you can perform a search&replace for example), then you’ll need to create a child theme and copy the /css/ folder from the theme into the child theme.
    The theme will load the /css/blackoot.min.css from your child theme, which contains a minified version /css/
    To make it more readable and easier to edit, you can also copy the content of the .dev.css file into the .min.css.

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    …how would one do this?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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