Any advice on making my site better?

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Any advice on making my site better?

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    Any advice on making my site better?


    Hey everybody, just did a lot of work on my site using the free Blackoot theme (lite) and was wondering if you all had any advice on how to make it better? I’m a starving student / artist, so please keep in that in mind (tight budget), but any plugin or tweak suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Tim (

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    Hi Tim,

    I had a quick look at your site which looks pretty good already, here are a few tweaks I’d suggest (from my technical CSS geek point of view).

    – Changing the default gold-ish color to your blue is obviously a must, (you already asked about it in another thread so I guess you knew about that one!)

    – Since you added your logo as “Custom Header”, you are not using the main header area at all which leaves a large empty grey area on the top of the page. This CSS will get rid of it completely:

    #header { display: none; }

    You can use a Custom CSS plugin (such as to add this code to your site with the Lite version of the theme.

    – Your logo is pretty big and takes more than half of the “above the fold” area when one lands on your page. It additionally looks a bit pixellated, as if you tried to stretch it to fit the 1000px wide suggestion for custom header. I would use a smaller version of the logo (I think around 500px would look fine) and add this CSS to center it and make sure the background of the custom header container matches your logo’s:

    #header-image { background: #000; text-align: center; }

    – The menu in the footer looks out of place because it is not correctly aligned (after double checking, this is actually a glitch in the theme, this will be fixed in the next update). In the meantime, you can align it to the right so it should look better with this CSS line:

    .sub-footer-right { text-align: right; }

    These are small things, but I hope it helps!

    You also mentioned plugins, but with so many plugins with so many features it hard to suggest anything without a specific goal in mind. Also you shouldn’t add any plugin just because it sounds cool if it doesn’t actually add value to your site.
    The best way to go about it in the other way around: if you can think of a feature that would actually look good and/or add value to your site, then look for a plugin that does this; there’s probably one out there (and chances are there is free one available at !)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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