Setting up and activating the slider

Every theme from iceable themes fully integrates a simple yet nice and powerful jQuery slider. You can use it to easily add a slideshow on your homepage, or to any other page on your site. You can even set unlimited different slideshows for different pages!

Step #1: Creating your slides

  • Prepare your slides in .png or .jpg format. The recommended width is 962px in Silverclean, 920px in BoldR and 960px in Chooko. You can of course use wider images and they will be scaled down automatically. You can use any height, but it is recommended that all slides have the same height for best results.
  • From your WordPress admin panel, go to Slides > Add new.
  • Give your slide a title (this won’t be shown to visitors, but will be used as “alt” tag for slider images on the front-end).
  • Upload your slide as a “Featured image” (on the right side of the screen).
  • If you wish to create several different slideshows, set a category for your slide (each category will be used to create a different slideshow)
  • Hit “Publish” and repeat these steps for every slide you want to add.

Step #2.a: Enable the slider features on your site

  • By default, the slider is globally switched off, and you can use the WordPress “Header image” instead.
  • Note that enabling the slider will disable and replace the “Header image”.
  • Go to Appearance > Theme Options > Slider settings > Enable slider features to switch the slider on or off.

Step #2.b: Activating a slideshow on a specific page

  • Go to “Pages” and edit the page you want to activate the slider on.
  • On the right side, within the “Icefit Page Settings” metabox, set the Slider option to “on”.
  • Pick the category of the slides you want to display, or just leave “All Slides” if you are not planning to create different slideshows.
  • Hit “Update”. Your slideshow is now activated on your page!

Step #2.c: Activating a slideshow on the blog page

  • Go to Appearance > Theme options.
  • On the “Blog Settings” tab, turn the “Activate slider on blog page” option to “On”.
  • You can optionally pick the category of the slides you want to display, or just leave “All Slides” if you are not planning to create different slideshows.
  • Hit “Save changes”

Step #3 (optional): Re-ordering your slides

Now that you have set up some slides, you may have noticed that they are automatically ordered with the latest first (based on post date/time).
Since the date/time each slide has been created is not to be published anywhere on the front end, you can change it to trick the order:

  • Go to Slides > All Slides
  • Mouseover any entry, and click “quick edit”
  • Here you can change the date and time to anything (just make sure to use a past date!)
  • Click “Update”, and refresh the page to see how this affected the order
  • Repeat for each slide you want to re-order

You can really use any date for this purpose, this will only impact the slides’ order. Just make sure to use some dates in the past: if you set a date in the future, WordPress will consider the slide as “Scheduled” and it will not appear on the front end until this date (unless you actually want to schedule a slide to appear only after a given date!)

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