Implementing testimonials

You can use the Testimonials shortcode and widget to nicely showcase some kind words from your clients or partners in a dynamic carousel.

Step #1: Create the testimonials

  • From your admin panel, go to Testimonials > Add new.
  • The edit page is quite similar to regular blog posts, except that content is not handled in the same manner.
  • Add a title (for your own reference, the title won’t appear on the front end)
  • Fill the form and add the actual testimonial in the “content” box.
  • Note: The URL is optional, you can use it to create a link to your client’s site or just leave it blank.
  • If you have a picture, avatar or logo for the client, upload it as a featured image
  • Rince and repeat for every nice comment you want to show off!


Step #2a: Use the shortcode whithin a content page (or homepage)

testimonialsWhile building your content page, click the testimonial icon in the visual editor.
A settings window while popup, allowing you to give a title to the testimonial section, and to choose the size of the carousel container (from 1/4 to full width).


Demo example:
Silverclean testimonials shortcode
Boldr testimonials shortcode
Chooko testimonials shortcode

Step #2b: Use the widget to display the testimonials carousel in a sidebar

Simply drop the “IceFit testimonials” widget to your sidebar, and give it the title you want (i.e. “Testimonials”, or “What they say” etc.). The widget will automatically generate a carousel rotating the testimonials you added in step #1.


Demo example (you can see the testimonials widget in action in the sidebars of these pages):
Silverclean testimonials widget
BoldR testimonials widget
Chooko testimonials widget

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