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How to add more than just Pages in your WordPress menu

By default, the WordPress menu is made of links to static pages. Sometimes though you want to tweak it and add categories or external links. Or even make a sub-menu without the parent item being a link at all. Here’s how.

Use future posts to schedule your posts in WordPress

With a couple of clicks, you can have your post published automatically at a later date or time instead of publishing it immediately.

For goodness’ sake, backup your WordPress site!

You need to backup your site. You heard this before, time and again, so many times that it sounds like a mindless motto. And yet, do you have a recent backup of your site right now ?

Open/Close comments: Master the confusing discussion settings in WordPress

Comments settings in WordPress can be confusing and questions like “How do I open/close comments on one post?”, or “I did change comment settings but it made no difference” are recurring on the support forums. This is a comprehensive guide to better understand and master these settings.

Optimize WordPress: replace wp_cron with a real Cron job

Have you ever scheduled a post or a newsletter in WordPress only to see nothing happened and the schedule was missed? Here’s why and how to solve this for good!

How to: Speed up your WordPress site with gzip compression

Enabling gzip compression on your site will dramatically reduce the amount of data sent from your server to the visitors browsers, thus increasing the page-load speed. The top 3 benefits are: A better user-experience, an SEO bonus and reduced server load. How to enable gzip with WordPress? […]

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