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Below is a selection of local beers with different pricing you can buy for me. A single beer costs around 1€, a 6-pack is around 4-5€ and a pint at the pub is around 3€.


One of the most popular local beers from the largest brewery in Luxembourg. This fresh and high quality pils beer brewed since 1794 is also one of the cheapest, one can get a single bottle for less than one euro.

Single bottle: ± 0.70€ | ± $1
Six bottles pack: ± 4€ | ± $5,50

Diekirch Premium

Named after the small town of Diekirch and brewed with high quality ingredients and spring water, this fine blond beer is meant to be shared with friends. Its slogan is “À l’amitié!” (“To friendship!”).

Single bottle: ± 1€ | ± $1,40
Six bottles pack: ± 5€ | ± $7

Draught beer from the pub

A wise man once said “You’re not an alcoholic as long as you don’t drink alone”. So I would occasionally meet up with friends at the pub to have few accompanied drinks and stay safe!

A pint: ± 3€ | ± $4
A pitcher: ± 10€ | ± $14
A tower (3L): ± 18€ | ± $25


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